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:: The Beginnings

Hockeyprom focused in the early years on Hockey Camps in Canada and Europe. By reducing travel and hosting costs and working only with volunteers at both ends the organization was able to provide high intensity hockey camps in Canada at an extremely low rate. The enormous success and the unique formula attract players from all over Europe.

Based on our growing experience and contacts in Canada and Europe, Hockeyprom was asked in 1998 by a Dutch team to assist in the organization of a hockey tour.
For the first time we used our staff, knowledge and ideas to create a hockey tour for a junior U16 hockey team. The overwhelming success and feedback following this first organization caused more and more interest from teams in Canada and Europe.

Due to the growing requests for team travel and the limitations of the organization and volunteers, Hockeyprom was forced in 2001 to focus their activities on team travel only.

Our unique structure, years of experience, volunteers and knowledge allow us today to plan custom tours for any budget, any level or age group in Europe and North America.

Unfortunately as a small organization we are only able to assist a limited number of teams per season. We therefore advice you to contact us well in advance.

:: Our Organization

Today Hockeyprom is represented by a small group of highly motivated hockey and travel fanatics. Our staff participates on voluntary base and is each specialized in a specific area, level or country.

Having staff in different countries insures good deals and reduces communication problems. Tours can be given in English, French and German.

To minimize the impact on the usual limited budget we try to minimize our organizational costs by maximizing the utilization of today’s technology. Our website and communication tools used are a perfect example of our cost efficient approach. During the planning phase almost all communication is done by Internet and email.

Our planning staff also operates as tour director or tour guides. This guarantees a well organized tour and a smooth program. Everyone including your team staff will enjoy the tour, as we will take care of all details during the day.


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